NEH Summer Institute June 9 – 22, 2013

This NEH Summer Institute, “African-American History & Culture in the Georgia Lowcountry: Savannah & The Coastal Islands,” has been designed to address broad themes of race and slavery in American history covered in a U.S. History survey course by focusing on site-specific experiences of communities in and around Savannah from the late eighteenth through the early twentieth centuries. Through readings, scholarly lectures, research in primary source documents from the Georgia Historical Society collection, site visits, community presentations, and guided tours,  we will examine the centrality of place in the African-American experience in Georgia’s Lowcountry and the larger Atlantic world. Institute content is intended to help facilitate classroom discussion of general topics such as American slavery, early American and nineteenth-century economies, art, and music as well as more site-specific subjects such as the impact of geography, environment, time, and place on the development of community values and cultures.

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